Common assumptions of an inventory management system debunked

Common Assumptions of an Inventory Management System Debunked

Change can be hard to introduce and modernizing an existing inventory management system can be a challenge in any workplace. Many people fear new technology and avoid change. They automatically make assumptions that their existing processes are better.

Addressing these assumptions is a major step in facilitating change. So, what are the main assumptions that people are making?

My current Inventory Management System works fine – Why do I need to change it?

Evolution is the key to a growing business. As a business grows and more orders are received, the need to be able to process these orders quickly and efficiently increases. The simple inventory management systems you used as a startup may not be able to cope with the increasing demand.

When orders start flying in, and the amount of stock you need to order increases, an Excel spreadsheet just won’t cut it. Modernizing your processes will help you remain competitive in the marketplace.

I don’t have time to implement and learn a new Inventory Management System

All change requires effort – however, it is usually the fear of the unknown that holds people back. Breaking down your inventory management process into individual steps can help simplify the process.

It can then be easier to see how introducing inventory management software into your business, could help it to run more efficiently. You will be surprised how much time it could save you, freeing you up to focus on business development or marketing tasks.

My business is not big enough for a specialized Inventory Management System

Many small businesses may feel that they are not yet big enough to warrant installing a dedicated inventory management system. This may be true initially; however, it can still be a very useful exercise, even in the early stages. Employing specialized software from the start means that all staff will already be used to it, and so the transition will be much easier when things get busier.

Currently, there is specialized software available which offers basic packages for smaller businesses, which can then expand as your business grows. An existing software package and a seamless process will allow you to focus on growing your business, confident that the foundations are already in place to cope with an increase in demand.

Inventory Management Software is not necessary for my business

As your business grows, simple inventory management processes can quickly start to fail due to the increase in orders and stock. This can be problematic if your business experiences an unexpectedly fast growth period, which could push your existing system to a breaking point.

It can be very sensible to anticipate growth in sales and put a system in place that can cope with the increased demand. Specialized inventory management software has been developed to manage these aspects and keep your business growing. Of course, there is a cost involved, but the benefits it can bring will generally mean it pays for itself before too long.

I am a service provider, and so an Inventory Management System is not relevant to me

The obvious benefits to retailers and wholesalers are clear, but service providers should not discount the benefits of employing an inventory management system.

Providing any service usually involves the use of some equipment or company stock, and it can be handy to manage this usage in an organized way. The equipment a business uses to provide its services is vital to the smooth running of its service provision. If this stock is not managed correctly, then the service cannot be provided. This is very similar to managing the success of a business selling physical products and should be given the same level of attention and professionalism.


Modernizing any process can be a challenge. An inventory management system, involving inventory management software, could be the key to taking your business to the next level. In business, change is inevitable if you want to advance and grow. Inventory management software can just help you make these changes as easily as possible.

To help you choose the best way forward and grow your business, talk to an expert right now to help you.

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